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Ways to Get Nursing Job in Canada

Nursing Job in Canada

After the outbreak of the covid virus, job opportunities in the health care sector have emerged immensely. Also during the pandemic, while all other sectors were just crawling to survive, the health care sector got its boom. Even till now this sector has a lot of opportunities and is expected to grow in the near future too. Pursuing a career in this sector also gives one the prestige value which people dream of. 

Pursuing a career in nursing in Canada is a great opportunity as Canada is considered to be among one of the world’s largest healthcare systems. It also provides favourable conditions and handsome pay. Also to attract a lot of health care professionals Canada offers permanent visas. Various nurses are needed in Canada which includes nurse researchers, nurse instructors, nurse technicians, nurse practitioners, and a lot more coming up. There are various options available to find nursing jobs in Canada. Few of such options are given in subsequent paragraphs.

  • Flawless resume

Before applying for a job it is vital to get prepared with your resume as it acts as the face of your educational and experience journey. An impeccable resume increases your chances of getting shortlisted. 

  • Qualify the exam

For pursuing a career in nursing in Canada one needs to qualify for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. On clearing the exam one gets privilege over other candidates to get hired easily for the post.

  • Qualify academic exam

This academic exam is for those whose first language is not English. One needs to qualify for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam to prove their English proficiency. The result of this exam needs to be attached with the application form. For a permanent residency, one needs to score more than six in all the components.

  • Finding on various professional sites

Professional sites like LinkedIn give an edge when it comes to finding a job as the job posts posted there are mostly real and relevant. Also, you get a chance to connect with various health professionals already working there. You can easily communicate and know about requisite knowledge.

  • Search on job portals

Various job portals like, indeed and many more give an advantage to the applicants to apply directly to the job post. All the basic information provided there give an insight about the job responsibilities, pay scale, eligibility criteria, job profile and a few more, if provided.

  • Get in touch with a recruitment agency

There are various recruitment agencies operating in various parts of the world which provide jobs to the applicants. On getting hired they charge some fees commonly known as placement fees from the applicants. While going through a recruitment agency caution is needed that the agency is real and not fake. 

  • Get through reference or direct hire

If you have someone who is a healthcare professional and is currently working in Canada, then you may ask for a reference. Also, there are many hospitals that employ directly.

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