Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About My LASIK Eye Surgery

Lasik Surgery in Delhi

Are you fed up wearing glasses all the time? Well, it's better to go for LASIK eye surgery then. But before we know anything else, let's first get you through what actually LASIK eye surgery is. 

Laser in situ keratomileuses or LASIK is basically a two-step procedure. The first step involves making a microscopic thin, circular lapel in the cornea of the eye. To do so, a surgeon uses either a femtosecond laser or a microkeratome. This usually takes a few seconds. After this is done, a surgeon gently lifts up the flap to expose the area where the actual vision treatment is going to take place. This is generally under the surface of the eye. After this all is done, comes the second step. In this, a computer-guided excimer laser is used to permanently remove the small pieces of tissues that are responsible for a patient's vision problem. Afterwards, the flap is laid back again in place to act as a natural bandage and protect the portion of the eye which is reshaped while it heals. 

LASIK surgery in Delhi is approved by the FDA and more than 19 million LASIK surgeries have been performed till date. LASIK surgery has also received more than 45 FDA approvals for treating hyperopia, presbyopia, myopia etc. that is absolutely worth it. So till now, you must have gathered a lot of knowledge about what LASIK is all about. 

Most of the people have this curiosity of knowing, do they actually shoot lasers inside your eye. Well, yes they do! And there's nothing to worry about. The laser is simply a beam of light that moves with the same wavelength at different speeds. There are basically two types of laser, the femtosecond laser generally used to create the flap and the excimer laser used to correct the vision. Lasers are often considered in any type of surgery as they are really precise. The whole LASIK surgery procedure occurs entirely within the layers of the cornea. No other part of the eye is involved. 

Does LASIK Surgery Hurt? 

No, it doesn't. LASIK surgery in Delhi is absolutely painless because of the numbing drops that are used to numb the eyes before and after the procedure. Patient's will only feel the pressure that is given to hold the eye from blinking. After the surgery is done, one might feel little discomfort that lasts not more than 4 hours. Apart from this, you are awake in the whole procedure. This usually makes some people cringe a bit but know that you will be given sedatives that will keep you calm. If you try to move your any other body part or sneeze the laser will automatically stop. So there's no need to be nervous.

Now the biggest question that you all surely have in your mind, is LASIK safe? So coming to this part, more than 6000 clinical studies have been done and published on LASIK. Additionally, it is among the most studied elective procedures. So if you ever doubt the safety regarding LASIK, there are numerous amounts of data supporting that. LASIK surgery has the highest satisfaction level among patients that is more than 96%. Amongst all, there have been more than 40 million procedures performed till date and none of them reported a case of blindness because of LASIK. You can also consult the Eyes specialist in Delhi like https://visualaidscentre.com/service/eyes-specialist-delhi/ regarding any more doubt left. Otherwise, if you are a healthy person and fits best for the treatment, just go for it.

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