Monday, October 26, 2020

Know About Buy Youtube Subscribers And Views For Your Channel

Buy Youtube Subscribers For Channel

Do you know that it took a whole year for Ajey Nager aka Carryminati to reach 1,000 subscribers? Now he is the top independent YouTuber of the Indian YouTube Community. Now, who doesn’t want to have a reach or popularity like Carryminati! But today’s youth want fame in just mere seconds. They want to be well known and YouTube launched in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim have become that Playground for them to play in.


‘YouTuber’ is becoming a much sought after tag and YouTube is considered to be a major time killer for audiences working in a 9 – 5 job, living a more safe but dull life. The video-sharing media helps as an escape for them to have entertainment with just a touch on their Smartphone. Earlier, movies, serials and sports were the only mediums but since the inception of YouTube, the picture has gotten even bigger.

Over 1,300,000,000 homo sapiens use YouTube and chances to be ‘star player’ is broader than it looks. So becoming a veteran YouTuber needs constant video uploads, a vast number of views, active audience and many factors. Now, this creates an urgency to be a star as there are many fishes in the ocean and anyone can become ‘POSEIDON’. Having more followers means having subscribers. Having more subscribers can lead to more views count and who can forget that YouTube pays you to be a YouTuber. Companies have started to approach these creators to advertise their products.


Now since the game has raised the bar to an all-time high, the gravity to be a top contender is needed and for that, you need constant activity. So Creators have to start to buy subscribers and views. It may sound morally incorrect but that checks all the criteria of “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER” which is the modern go-to working technique. Buying views have more benefits than hurting ‘sentiments’.

Amplified Confidence

It boosts the Confidence of the creative creators to engage themselves fully in their content crating process.

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Social Integrity

People tend to be more attracted to the popular masses and hence living around them makes being social easier.

Getting The Big Push

Sometimes even the most unique and entertaining contents are ignored because of certain reasons like not belonging to a reputed organization, YouTube channel not popular et cetera but buying views and subscribers can help the developer to make it to trending results or search results making them more noticeable than just creating contents and waiting.

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Know About Buy Youtube Subscribers And Views For Your Channel

It surely sounds tempting to buy YouTube subscribers and views rather than waiting for months, and in worst-case scenarios, sometimes years to finally get to monetize your YouTube channel. But is it the best option for your channel in the long time run? You will figure that out soon as you keep reading.

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Let's first answer the most common question, ‘How do we buy YouTube subscribers and views for our channel?’

There are hundreds of websites all over the internet willing to provide you with subscribers and views, but only at a fixed price. You can easily buy your first 1000 subscribers or drive traffic to your channel by paying a fixed rate. Choosing a legitimate website is the real deal. 

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Out of hundreds of such sites, only a few can bring you, your desired traffic without harming your YouTube channel in the first place. So we suggest that you do your research well enough before spending any money.

Sites such as BuyYTSubscribersIndia provide various options for you to choose from. Their offers start at INR 350 only for 100 real organic subscribers and it increases up to INR 24000 for 10000 real subscribers. 

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Numerous other sites claim to do the same as the YouTube market, which is driving high-quality cheap subscribers to your channel. As mentioned earlier, you will need to spend some time over the internet to decide which site will suit your channel the best.

The problem with illegitimate sites is that they drive random people to your channel, who have no interest in your content. This means, though you will have traffic, it will not help your content to reach the right people. 

It might also happen that your content is automatically being viewed by a bot. This will result in your video having a good amount of views and subscribers but no actual organic engagement. This might harm the growth of your YouTube channel shortly.

There are plenty of other methods that you can use to drive actual traffic to your channel. You can always make use of YouTube and Facebook ads to reach potential viewers who will relate to your content and bring the right kind of attention to your channel. 

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