Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Boosting Youtube Subscribers

Entering the world of the Internet as a Youtuber is a big decision and a responsibility as well. You’ll find a dozen channels with jaw-dropping subscribers. 

But, if you have what it takes to join this world and gain popularity, then claps for you dude. That’s impressive as there is nothing that can stop you. If you have designed and planned out your theme and ideas for your youtube channel, then you have already started climbing your success ladder. And you can earn money from youtube channel during the quarantine.

However, It’s common for every beginner to have daunting thoughts about getting subscribers. Allow me to guide you in this article and give you insights into increasing your subscriber base. Follow the below steps and execute them to see surprising results.

Steps to get people hit that subscribe button

1. Look from the perspective of your audience

This is the first thing you should have in your mind. When you are uploading content on the internet, you aren’t just sharing with yourself or your friends. You are sharing it with the digital world.

 As you are an uploader, you have to visualize from your audience perspectives too. Think about why someone will subscribe to your channel? 

Do you know why videos have a lot of subscribers? It’s because those videos are subjected to roll out similar themes. These themes are likeable to the audiences and they can relate to it. 

Suppose if you are making comedy videos, then post related videos only. 

So, make sure you select your theme and stick to it. 

2. Organize your release schedule 

You’ll have to choose a date at which you’ll be uploading videos. Make your subscribers aware by telling them in your videos the availability of your new content.

 For example, tell them that every Thursday we will be uploading new videos for you to enjoy. Stick to the date you promise your viewers about the videos. Every channel has a banner, so make your own banner and list your date of uploading the videos on it.

3. Create an interesting profile

Your account’s “About” section is what will make your profile stand out and appeal to the viewers. Describe in detail about what they will get to see in your videos and the main reason they should subscribe to your channel. Incorporate keywords in this section to rank higher in search results. 

4. Create better thumbnails

You can attract plenty of viewers by creating such a thumbnail that they will be enticed to click it at any cost. You might’ve done the same thing many times when you look for videos on Youtube. Visuals have the power to attract viewers, so create a good thumbnail with bright and high resolution. 

5. Choose searchable titles

Always put concise titles of your video. Imagine what your audience would type to find your content. Keep in mind that the first 45 characters are viewable. The characters beyond won’t be displayed. Your title should ignite viewers’ instinct to click your video. Be creative and think out of the box.


It’s obvious that the starting is going to be difficult and requires a lot of patience. The goal is to not demotivating yourself and keep ongoing. Growing subscriber base is not a simple task I understand. But, with the right efforts and following the above steps will give you confidence as you will notice a rise in your subscribers. Through this, you will get more subscribers on the youtube channel.

Once you start getting subscribers, the more attention you will draw among the viewers. Hence, a better chance for you to get popular and get noticed. 

Let us know if the above steps helped you in any way, or if you have more interesting tips, then feel free to share it with us.