Tuesday, March 31, 2020

5 Must Have Feng Shui Items for Business Growth

Business owners always strive to boost the productivity of their business while creating a peaceful and supportive working environment for the team. While facilitating business growth can be stressful and demanding, the great news is it is not impossible. Thankfully, an ancient Chinese art called Feng Shui can bring the best out of your business. It works by taking advantage of the energy flow in the surroundings and the placement of certain things. If you are that person who's struggling to maintain the prosperity of your enterprise, here are among the best Feng Shui items that will surely help you.

The Bagua

The Bagua is one of the most powerful and most popularly known Feng Shui item. It is believed to create positive changes by determining the things that must be placed in certain areas of your workspace. The Bagua is an octagonal map grid that represents the eight points of a compass. Every point is characterized by a different color such as black, blue, green, purple, red, pink, white, and gray. Each direction on the compass focuses on a different aspect of life. For example, the color purple and number 4 together can bring wealth and fortune to your business. At the center of the Bagua, you will find a mirror that also symbolizes the opposites states of the chi. the yin and yang. This works to balance the surrounding energy flow as one cannot exist without the other.

Feng Shui Items for Business Growth

Crystal World Globe

This item is the symbol of significant knowledge and financial growth and will be great to have around. By placing the Crystal World Globe charm in a noticeable area, this will surely escalate and magnify your company's recognition. For best results, Feng Shui experts recommend this item to be put in a place where it can receive a good amount of sunlight. Visibility and recognition in the corporate world are essential to the growth of your business. This crystal world globe will help you attract positive clients and networks that you need to make your brand a living success.

Metal Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle symbol is very prevalent among classic and traditional Chinese art. Both of these are considered celestial creatures. In ancient Chinese beliefs, the combination of these two celestial animals makes a stronger and more powerful force. The dragon is often associated with courage, good luck, fortune. While the turtle brings an energy of longevity, protection, and stability. Overall, the metal dragon turtle serves to attract wealth, offer security, and protection to an individual's career.

Metal Six Lucky Coins

First of all, number 6 in Chinese represents luck from the heavens. The tied i-ching coins are tied in a red silky thread, secured with a mystic tassel that is believed to double the fortune and wealth that's coming your way. Is must be placed in the south and east area of your office. Another popular way practiced by Chinese people is to carry the charm in their wallets or their pockets, but usually, this is done with the three lucky coin charm. It is a good luck charm that will surely bring prosperity and fortune to your business. Whatever way you choose to incorporate the use of Chinese coins in your business, it will be a good idea to cleanse and refresh their sparkle and energy vibration from time to time.

Wooden Wu Lou Gourd Keychain

Just like the Bagua and other items listed above, the Wu Lou Gourd is also one of the most effective tools that can significantly cure and enhance our surrounding energy. The wooden Wu Lou Gourd keychain is a powerful symbol of health, security, and prosperity. In the ancient beliefs, deities like Sau Sing Kung, Li Tieh Kuai, and Mad Monk God are believed to carry this item with item anywhere. Gourds were traditionally used as water or wine containers to keep people alive and continue their journey. It was also used as a medicine container which makes it a prominent symbol of health and wellness. It is also believed to be used by the deities to capture and imprison evil spirits and bad elements. Therefore this Feng Shui item will also bring good health to you and your business. This will also overcome the bad energy that you and your company may confront in the future.

Those are the top 5 Feng Shui items that you can use to enhance your business growth. Keep in mind that while these tools are proven to be useful, your perseverance and hard work to make your brand success is important as well.

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