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YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Subscribers

"Everybody on YouTube starts with zero subscribers. You think of everyone you look up to now or have watched for years or whatever, they may seem like this is their life now, but it wasn't always that." says 'Tyler Oakley'.

Yes, YouTube is one of the widest online scaffolds having multitudinous users. This was first fabricated under three former employees of pay pal on February 14, 2005. YouTube being a social media, with in-depth users had a tremendous take off on the chart of the global market. This video sharing wide platform has its headquarters in San Bruno, California. At present YouTube holds the position as Google’s subsidiary.

YouTube serves as a podium for innumerable individuals to expose their own contents as per their wish. There is no rigid rule for users or subscribers to get around the tube. All actions depend exclusively upon the individual user and about how far he engages his viewers. It depends upon the content he discloses in the videos.

By dividing this idea about subscribers, it acts on two bases. One is the individual who is in need of the subscribers for his channel and the other are the subscribers who get attracted to the point of clicking on the subscribe button. Subscribers are the most critical elements for a channel to be advanced. By subscribing to a channel, the user or the viewer accepts to gladly receive the up to date content that is publicized by the video publisher. Subscribers are the most important part of a channel. To increase youtube subscribers you can Buy Youtube Subscribers India and increase your channel presence on youtube.

According to the data display, the fourth place for the highest subscribed channel goes to SET India, holding 72 million subscribers. And the channel that owns the third place is:

Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes with 82 subscribers. The second position is backed up by PewDiePie, a Swedish comedian with 104 subscribers. Being a music record and film production company having its keen focus on Bollywood soundtracks. T-Series led the board with 139 million subscribers. It's again the largest company that shares 35% of the Indian music market. So, these are the factual data that the survey made by technology provides us.

 Now, moving on to the other side of this coin, what becomes the major reason for acquiring and giving subscribes? Can money be the only reason? Though the fact of only a YouTuber with the highest number of subscribers gets paid from the company prevails. Yet, it becomes a kind of drug to kindle the passion of a newbie to work more and gain more subscribers. Despite all these simple facts, Subscribers are obviously extra harder to gain than views. According to The Economist, bellwethers with at least 100,000 subscribers on YouTube can draw an even out of $12,500 for a promoted post, with the instalment of fees going up at high speed when you have one million subscribers or more.

YouTube acts as a major platform for social media marketing. The products or materials hosted as advertisements on YouTube gain several views within weeks and grabs the entire attention of the audience. This in itself paves a brighter way for that particular company. Various fields like music, goods, cosmetics, talents are marketed through YouTube as online videos. Data pictures the amount of subscribers keeps on increasing with every millisecond. The channel with at least 1000 subscribers could make it on the leader board and gets hold of the position as the YouTube partner. Having numerous subscribers always increases the responsibility of the Chanel owner for he is denoted that the viewers trust their content of the videos. As a whole, YouTube with all its merits and demerits still owns an infinite number of publishers and plentiful subscribers. These subscribers grow your channel. So, to grow subscribers you can Buy Youtube Subscribers India from

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SEO Expert
SEO Expert

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We develop and execute traffic strategies that guide you to real business growth. As your SEO Experts, we provide you with a list of material keywords that are necessary for your website contents or products. The recurrent examination to the website allows you to identify and get the better of what can act as the obstacle or barrier for your website is on the top of the Search Engine Results Page. So we provide you with updates on the necessary changes that you need to make in the existing content or website designing.

The reliable content on your page can ensure a boost to your websites helping in the ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Therefore, to keep your websites in the standard ranking we provide you with several ways by which you can make your website trustworthy and most reliable by SEO expert services, here you can contact for SEO expert service. The optimization techniques we use are highly tuned to the domain search engines in the target market.

You can attract all the visitors in the world who are genuinely interested in your product or website with the guidance of SEO expert services. There are a lot of factors that go into a search engine’s algorithms. The quality, quantity of traffic and organic search results can be maintained, that makes up the significant portion of any Search Engine Results Pages.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Boosting Youtube Subscribers

Entering the world of the Internet as a Youtuber is a big decision and a responsibility as well. You’ll find a dozen channels with jaw-dropping subscribers. 

But, if you have what it takes to join this world and gain popularity, then claps for you dude. That’s impressive as there is nothing that can stop you. If you have designed and planned out your theme and ideas for your youtube channel, then you have already started climbing your success ladder. And you can earn money from youtube channel during the quarantine.

However, It’s common for every beginner to have daunting thoughts about getting subscribers. Allow me to guide you in this article and give you insights into increasing your subscriber base. Follow the below steps and execute them to see surprising results.

Steps to get people hit that subscribe button

1. Look from the perspective of your audience

This is the first thing you should have in your mind. When you are uploading content on the internet, you aren’t just sharing with yourself or your friends. You are sharing it with the digital world.

 As you are an uploader, you have to visualize from your audience perspectives too. Think about why someone will subscribe to your channel? 

Do you know why videos have a lot of subscribers? It’s because those videos are subjected to roll out similar themes. These themes are likeable to the audiences and they can relate to it. 

Suppose if you are making comedy videos, then post related videos only. 

So, make sure you select your theme and stick to it. 

2. Organize your release schedule 

You’ll have to choose a date at which you’ll be uploading videos. Make your subscribers aware by telling them in your videos the availability of your new content.

 For example, tell them that every Thursday we will be uploading new videos for you to enjoy. Stick to the date you promise your viewers about the videos. Every channel has a banner, so make your own banner and list your date of uploading the videos on it.

3. Create an interesting profile

Your account’s “About” section is what will make your profile stand out and appeal to the viewers. Describe in detail about what they will get to see in your videos and the main reason they should subscribe to your channel. Incorporate keywords in this section to rank higher in search results. 

4. Create better thumbnails

You can attract plenty of viewers by creating such a thumbnail that they will be enticed to click it at any cost. You might’ve done the same thing many times when you look for videos on Youtube. Visuals have the power to attract viewers, so create a good thumbnail with bright and high resolution. 

5. Choose searchable titles

Always put concise titles of your video. Imagine what your audience would type to find your content. Keep in mind that the first 45 characters are viewable. The characters beyond won’t be displayed. Your title should ignite viewers’ instinct to click your video. Be creative and think out of the box.


It’s obvious that the starting is going to be difficult and requires a lot of patience. The goal is to not demotivating yourself and keep ongoing. Growing subscriber base is not a simple task I understand. But, with the right efforts and following the above steps will give you confidence as you will notice a rise in your subscribers. Through this, you will get more subscribers on the youtube channel.

Once you start getting subscribers, the more attention you will draw among the viewers. Hence, a better chance for you to get popular and get noticed. 

Let us know if the above steps helped you in any way, or if you have more interesting tips, then feel free to share it with us.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2020

YouTube is the one of the greatest platform for video blogging, video sharing and video marketing. It is helpful for bloggers to broaden their internet reach to their followers by making a personal connection. 

By posting more videos frequently that will increase your subscriber count because the more videos you post, the more people watch them. So getting subscribers on YouTube takes more than just posting videos.

Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Here are some ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

1. Create informative content:

You should ensure that your video script cover all relevant information within in the time and don’t flood the viewers with unnecessary information. If you want to add more information in one video, put it into several videos. Start your videos with interesting information that will make people to continue watching the video. To make your content appealing just add visuals to the content. 

2. Publish videos frequently:

Creating and publishing videos frequently that helps to increase your subscribers. If you provide more than one video a week, there are chances of getting more subscribers or you can also buy youtube subscribers india from here .

3. Optimizing your YouTube videos:

You can improve the number of video elements like title, descriptions, and other Meta tags that will reach your videos to the right audience. If you like to set your videos in higher rankings then using an exact keyword in your video title. You provide all the necessary information such as keywords and links when you write a description of your video. If you linking other relevant videos in the description that keeps your content engaging.

4. Create high quality videos:

You should record the video in the peaceful atmosphere with no noise in the background. If you want the audio clear, then use good recording equipment. During recording ensure set up a green background and studio lights. If you want your video more prominent then use slow motion and jump cuts wisely. At last, review your work before publishing the video.

5. Add watermark to your videos:

YouTube let you to add a watermark to the video that will remind people to subscribe your channel. A watermark can either be a logo or brand name. There are various options to show the watermark. You can also shifting watermark from logo to “subscribe” icon that helps to increase the number of subscribers.

6. Engage with your audience:

When you interact with your viewers, this leads to getting a higher chances of people who want to subscribe your channel. You should thank to those who watch your videos, at the end of the video and give them an idea where to get more information. Must encourage your viewers to give comments and feedback about your video that gives new ideas and let you to create new videos based on the feedback.

7. Choose a YouTube channel theme:

Ensure before uploading the videos, you need to decide what type of videos you want to create. People don’t understand that if you upload a gaming video one day and a cooking video the next so that the users will not know what your YouTube channel is about, it will decrease the number of subscribers. By choosing a channel theme you give viewers a reason to subscribe your channel.

8. Make eye-catching thumbnails:

If you want people to click on your video and watch then create an eye-catching thumbnails, if no one watches your videos, you will not get any subscribers. Best YouTube thumbnails follows a formula such as quality, title text, contrasting colors and 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall.

9. Create video playlists:

Must update the playlists each time you create a new video for the series. Users enjoy your video playlist will subscribe so they get a notification when the next part of the series is released.

So the only way to get more subscribers on YouTube is to producing good content and optimizing key areas.

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5 Must Have Feng Shui Items for Business Growth

Business owners always strive to boost the productivity of their business while creating a peaceful and supportive working environment for the team. While facilitating business growth can be stressful and demanding, the great news is it is not impossible. Thankfully, an ancient Chinese art called Feng Shui can bring the best out of your business. It works by taking advantage of the energy flow in the surroundings and the placement of certain things. If you are that person who's struggling to maintain the prosperity of your enterprise, here are among the best Feng Shui items that will surely help you.

The Bagua

The Bagua is one of the most powerful and most popularly known Feng Shui item. It is believed to create positive changes by determining the things that must be placed in certain areas of your workspace. The Bagua is an octagonal map grid that represents the eight points of a compass. Every point is characterized by a different color such as black, blue, green, purple, red, pink, white, and gray. Each direction on the compass focuses on a different aspect of life. For example, the color purple and number 4 together can bring wealth and fortune to your business. At the center of the Bagua, you will find a mirror that also symbolizes the opposites states of the chi. the yin and yang. This works to balance the surrounding energy flow as one cannot exist without the other.

Feng Shui Items for Business Growth

Crystal World Globe

This item is the symbol of significant knowledge and financial growth and will be great to have around. By placing the Crystal World Globe charm in a noticeable area, this will surely escalate and magnify your company's recognition. For best results, Feng Shui experts recommend this item to be put in a place where it can receive a good amount of sunlight. Visibility and recognition in the corporate world are essential to the growth of your business. This crystal world globe will help you attract positive clients and networks that you need to make your brand a living success.

Metal Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle symbol is very prevalent among classic and traditional Chinese art. Both of these are considered celestial creatures. In ancient Chinese beliefs, the combination of these two celestial animals makes a stronger and more powerful force. The dragon is often associated with courage, good luck, fortune. While the turtle brings an energy of longevity, protection, and stability. Overall, the metal dragon turtle serves to attract wealth, offer security, and protection to an individual's career.

Metal Six Lucky Coins

First of all, number 6 in Chinese represents luck from the heavens. The tied i-ching coins are tied in a red silky thread, secured with a mystic tassel that is believed to double the fortune and wealth that's coming your way. Is must be placed in the south and east area of your office. Another popular way practiced by Chinese people is to carry the charm in their wallets or their pockets, but usually, this is done with the three lucky coin charm. It is a good luck charm that will surely bring prosperity and fortune to your business. Whatever way you choose to incorporate the use of Chinese coins in your business, it will be a good idea to cleanse and refresh their sparkle and energy vibration from time to time.

Wooden Wu Lou Gourd Keychain

Just like the Bagua and other items listed above, the Wu Lou Gourd is also one of the most effective tools that can significantly cure and enhance our surrounding energy. The wooden Wu Lou Gourd keychain is a powerful symbol of health, security, and prosperity. In the ancient beliefs, deities like Sau Sing Kung, Li Tieh Kuai, and Mad Monk God are believed to carry this item with item anywhere. Gourds were traditionally used as water or wine containers to keep people alive and continue their journey. It was also used as a medicine container which makes it a prominent symbol of health and wellness. It is also believed to be used by the deities to capture and imprison evil spirits and bad elements. Therefore this Feng Shui item will also bring good health to you and your business. This will also overcome the bad energy that you and your company may confront in the future.

Those are the top 5 Feng Shui items that you can use to enhance your business growth. Keep in mind that while these tools are proven to be useful, your perseverance and hard work to make your brand success is important as well.

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