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Best Free Article Submission Sites India 2020 {Verified}

Free Article Submission Sites India

Article Submission basically involves your business writing an article to get published on someone else’s website. This is something that has been happening increasingly with all the businesses shifting online with the outbreak of COVID- 19. However, even before it, article submission was on the rise as a tool for social media marketing and expanding the audience that business was otherwise not able to reach. 

Free Article Submission Sites India
Free Article Submission Sites India

However, why would any website want to post your work, besides being actually impressed by the work you do? They would engage with your work primarily because they also need proper content to go up on their websites. This is not to imply that the content they create is biased. They would definitely be talking of your business but with either their experience with it or of some other aspect that their website anyways engages with. The point of article submission is not to get a ‘positive review’ but to focus on aspects that a review otherwise would not. 

For example, if you have a restaurant, the location, delivery services, prices, or maybe a special dish may be the focal point of your business. These are the slightly more technical aspects of a business which may sometimes be missed by your customers otherwise. Therefore, once these things have been pointed out, they will not go amiss by the people engaging with this content. 

From the point of view of better optimization of search engines, the fact that your business, with backlinks, your social media handles mentioned in the article will allow the search engine to validate your main website a lot better. This is because it shows the genuineness of your work and will ensure a better search result for it. In turn, you will also get a better ranking on that search engine. 

Overall, article submission is adding value to your business as the recommendations and marketing is now coming from another source. This will add credibility to your work because you will be reaching circles you may not be before, and will also allow people to know of your business in a different light. This will allow them to ‘confirm’ of the marketing claims you have made but also judge if your business fits their tastes or not. All these efforts point towards giving people a better and informed experience while engaging with your business. 

You too as a business should be providing article submission to the website and businesses you are engaging with as this will allow you to build better relations with these businesses. This will also allow them to link their work better, and there will be proper backlinks in place as well. Therefore, adding credibility to your works overall. These are the efforts that are looked upon by search engines to provide their consumers with better content as well. The links that will be created and linked as a result of these exercises help generate original content.         

Free Article Submission Sites List:

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YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Subscribers

"Everybody on YouTube starts with zero subscribers. You think of everyone you look up to now or have watched for years or whatever, they may seem like this is their life now, but it wasn't always that." says 'Tyler Oakley'.

Yes, YouTube is one of the widest online scaffolds having multitudinous users. This was first fabricated under three former employees of pay pal on February 14, 2005. YouTube being a social media, with in-depth users had a tremendous take off on the chart of the global market. This video sharing wide platform has its headquarters in San Bruno, California. At present YouTube holds the position as Google’s subsidiary.

YouTube serves as a podium for innumerable individuals to expose their own contents as per their wish. There is no rigid rule for users or subscribers to get around the tube. All actions depend exclusively upon the individual user and about how far he engages his viewers. It depends upon the content he discloses in the videos.

By dividing this idea about subscribers, it acts on two bases. One is the individual who is in need of the subscribers for his channel and the other are the subscribers who get attracted to the point of clicking on the subscribe button. Subscribers are the most critical elements for a channel to be advanced. By subscribing to a channel, the user or the viewer accepts to gladly receive the up to date content that is publicized by the video publisher. Subscribers are the most important part of a channel. To increase youtube subscribers you can Buy Youtube Subscribers India and increase your channel presence on youtube.

According to the data display, the fourth place for the highest subscribed channel goes to SET India, holding 72 million subscribers. And the channel that owns the third place is:

Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes with 82 subscribers. The second position is backed up by PewDiePie, a Swedish comedian with 104 subscribers. Being a music record and film production company having its keen focus on Bollywood soundtracks. T-Series led the board with 139 million subscribers. It's again the largest company that shares 35% of the Indian music market. So, these are the factual data that the survey made by technology provides us.

 Now, moving on to the other side of this coin, what becomes the major reason for acquiring and giving subscribes? Can money be the only reason? Though the fact of only a YouTuber with the highest number of subscribers gets paid from the company prevails. Yet, it becomes a kind of drug to kindle the passion of a newbie to work more and gain more subscribers. Despite all these simple facts, Subscribers are obviously extra harder to gain than views. According to The Economist, bellwethers with at least 100,000 subscribers on YouTube can draw an even out of $12,500 for a promoted post, with the instalment of fees going up at high speed when you have one million subscribers or more.

YouTube acts as a major platform for social media marketing. The products or materials hosted as advertisements on YouTube gain several views within weeks and grabs the entire attention of the audience. This in itself paves a brighter way for that particular company. Various fields like music, goods, cosmetics, talents are marketed through YouTube as online videos. Data pictures the amount of subscribers keeps on increasing with every millisecond. The channel with at least 1000 subscribers could make it on the leader board and gets hold of the position as the YouTube partner. Having numerous subscribers always increases the responsibility of the Chanel owner for he is denoted that the viewers trust their content of the videos. As a whole, YouTube with all its merits and demerits still owns an infinite number of publishers and plentiful subscribers. These subscribers grow your channel. So, to grow subscribers you can Buy Youtube Subscribers India from

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SEO Expert
SEO Expert

Are You Hunting For SEO Expert? 

You believe that the top ranking on Google would result in a vast amount of new clients and businesses. So now you can beat your competitors without a big hole in your pocket by SEO Experts (like sandeepmehta).

Our Search Engine Optimization experts provide the new ground of ideas for our clients to achieve their goals. Our firm helps to improve the brand presence of your business or website, get applicable traffic and more sale. We believe that reaching the targeted and potential customers before your competitors are considered as secrete of being on the top page of Google.

We develop and execute traffic strategies that guide you to real business growth. As your SEO Experts, we provide you with a list of material keywords that are necessary for your website contents or products. The recurrent examination to the website allows you to identify and get the better of what can act as the obstacle or barrier for your website is on the top of the Search Engine Results Page. So we provide you with updates on the necessary changes that you need to make in the existing content or website designing.

The reliable content on your page can ensure a boost to your websites helping in the ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Therefore, to keep your websites in the standard ranking we provide you with several ways by which you can make your website trustworthy and most reliable by SEO expert services, here you can contact for SEO expert service. The optimization techniques we use are highly tuned to the domain search engines in the target market.

You can attract all the visitors in the world who are genuinely interested in your product or website with the guidance of SEO expert services. There are a lot of factors that go into a search engine’s algorithms. The quality, quantity of traffic and organic search results can be maintained, that makes up the significant portion of any Search Engine Results Pages.

Competition is less and an opportunity is countless with SEO. Get the SEO Experts so that it can help you in climbing the stairs to your goal with the result-oriented SEO agenda. We provide legit, White Hat, affordable, and best services without compromise on quality. We are well specialised with most recent technologies and our SEO Expert have depth knowledge and huge experience in carrying out of SEO campaigns and in a very short period of time. We have completed numerous successful project with good customer reviews. You need to hire a result targeted Freelance SEO consultant delivering competitive and expert SEO services.

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